Sea Breeze Laser and Beauty Clinic

Fashion Consultation - Colours and Style

No one comes here for colours and style.... people come here for confidence.  Confidence that they're choosing the attire that best reflects their personality and their style.  Confident that what they wear, highlights their assets and downplays their flaws.  That's the primary reason.  You have 7 seconds to make an impression, like the cover of a book, you're either engaging or you're not.  Colour and style is a once in a lifetime investment. Professionals are constantly seeking ways to enhance their assets.  You are taken on a journey of self discovery.  Peeling off the layers and getting to the core of who you really are.  Observing all your little idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, characteristics and eccentricities that compose who you are.  This is an entertaining process, but also deeply serious.  To epitomize your mind, body and soul in your outward attire is complex and rewarding.  Let's unveil the "Real You"

We will discover your best colour pallet, your skeletal structure, we will dissect your body parts and decide on which line and style are most suitable, we will decide on a hair colour, a hair cut and style that best suits your stature, your personality and your face.  We will decide on what personalities you best reflect and how to accessorise for them.  What make up and perfume to wear.  Nothing is left uncovered.  Fashion Consultations with Joan will be the most comprehensive you will find on the market.  Nothing is left out. There's a new YOU waiting to emerge.

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