Sea Breeze Laser and Beauty Clinic

StyleEnalysis - Is becoming quite commonplace today.  It encompasses a philosophy, a choice of presenting yourself as a specific character.  It's choosing an image through your colour choice, your line, your personality, hair colour, hair style make up, accessories and perfume to tell a story about YOU.  Through a once in a lifetime style Enalysis we will create that image and guide you through the process of building the real you.

  • Everything you buy from this time on, will be selected with the REAL YOU in mind
  • Everything in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched - all works together
  • It will save you time
  • it will save you money
  • it will save you angst
  • You will always have the appropriate thing to wear
  • You will dress to travel
  • You will create your own LOOK
  • You will be known for that LOOK
  • People will remember your STYLE
  • You'll always be the best dressed person in the room - gives you amazing confidence